Optimizing the management of patients at high cardiac risk

Viderics is developing a continuous transthoracic echocardiography (cTTE) system to acquire continuous, repeatable ultrasonic views of the heart without an attending sonographer. It will include software to calculate ejection fraction, stroke volume and cardiac output by analyzing the continuous stream of heart images.

The system’s initial intended clinical application will be hemodynamic monitoring of patients at high cardiac risk in critical care, surgery, pre-op, and step-down care. The primary indication will be for patients unresponsive to standard care protocols and whose cardiac condition may change rapidly.

A future intended application will be the early detection of myocardial ischemia across the continuum of care: emergency response, emergency care, all inpatient care settings, post-acute care, and cardiac stress tests.

The system is based on patented technologies invented at the Biomedical Engineering Department of the University of Southern California, and is being co-developed by Greenwings Biomedical and Dataplex Inc..